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Extra Sessions = AWESOME

Whether you're dealing with Peyronie's or the after-effects of Prostate Cancer surgery, we've got you. Nothing we can't handle - and we're pretty good at what we do. Let's get you looking UP.

What is Peyronie's?

5% to 10% of men will experience Peyronie's Disease in their lifetime to injury or genetics that causes a painful curvature caused by scar tissue forming under the skin. Symptoms may develop slowly over time or can seem to appear overnight. Either way, it can make performing painful and uncomfortable for you and your partner.

Just like physical therapy, we can help you work out the kinks and get back in motion.

HEALTHWave ESWT helps break down scar tissue to reverse the curve and return that healthy blood flow. We're all about confidence here, and our Peyronie's clients have a mountain's worth of it.

Check out the testimonials below for our non-invasive treatment. 

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Prostate Cancer Surgery got you down?

The after effects of Prostate Cancer can sometimes seem insurmountable. Pills don't work. You've been through enough - you're a warrior and we'll help you get back to your old selfie.

HEALTHWave helps repair nerve damage, awakens dormant stem cells, and regenerates blood vessels to help you get back that old feeling.

Check out our testimonials below - and give us a call.

Put us on your calendar so you don't have to plan ahead for anything else - unless you want to.


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