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No Judgement Here.

The treatment is the same if you're looking to boost your performance or if you need some maintenance. The only difference is the number of sessions. At HEALTHWave, you'll work one on one with with an expert to help you achieve your goals. Healthy, happy love lives are our thing. Let's work together.

How many treatments do I need?

The number of treatments depends on the root cause of the problem. Looking for just a boost? You're looking at about 3 - 5 treatments. Stress causing some issues? Maybe 5 or 6.


If there's an underlying health issue such as Diabetes, Heart Disease (which can cause a build up of plaque in the arteries and blood vessels), Prostate Cancer, or Peyronie's - you'll need at least 10 sessions.


Don't worry, we've got package pricing and treatments only take 20 minutes. We're looking for long lasting results. Our best clients don't see us for a year or two after treatment, then come back in for a session or two to get them back to full speed.

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Why choose HEALTHWave.

No carrying around pills and no planning ahead. The goal of our treatment is for you to be always able to rise to the occasion without having to plan ahead.

HEALTHWave is:



No side effects


Fast treatment

Results are long-lasting (2 years or more)

No downtime after treatment

Treatment that addresses the cause (no bandaids here.)

Partner approved.


Leaving a review takes some b@**s. We appreciate you.

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