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No pressure.
Just confidence.

Live in the moment with HEALTHWave. 

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It's not you.

Blood flow can be affected by many things - age, diet, genetic predispositions, underlying health issues, and even work life. If your performance isn't where you'd like it to be forget about taking a pill. 

Our long-lasting (and non-invasive) treatment is clinically proven to stimulate new blood vessel and nerve tissue growth. What does that do? That gets your blood pumping naturally.


No need to plan ahead. Fix the blood flow. Toss the pills. GET BACK TO BEING YOU.

Don't let the name throw you off your game.

HEALTHWave uses extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) to rejuvenate your blood vessels and nerves. 

No. It is not "shocking" your manhood. HEALTHWave uses low frequency pulse waves to optimize erections, sensitivity, and sexual performance. 

There's no pain, no downtime, and no side effects to our treatment. Oh, there is a common after effect of increased girth but we haven't had any complaints yet.

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At HEALTHWave, our goal is to get you back to
peak performance so you can kick doubt to the curb.

Each treatment only takes 20 minutes. Work us into your schedule and start seeing results. Get up where you belong.

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