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Is a confident man who knows how important intimate, passionate moments are to a relationship. A HEALTHWave man says goodbye to Erectile Dysfunction and hello to confidence.

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Healthwave's Revolutionary Treatment

GAINSWave® is a scientifically proven, non-invasive technique that uses low-frequency pulse waves to optimize erections, sensitivity, and sexual performance.

Treatment at Healthwave Physicians Institute

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Treatment

Over 50% of men will suffer from ED during their lifetime. More effective than Viagra, the GAINSWave treatment can be life-changing. Performed in Europe for more than 20 years, multiple international studies have shown this to be one of the most effective, long lasting ED treatments available.

Peyronie's Disease Treatment

Peyronie's Disease Treatment

5-10% of men suffer from Peyronie’s Disease. Scar tissue forms under the skin of the penis resulting in abnormal curvature which causes shortening of the penis, painful erections, loss of girth, and ultimately ED. GAINSWave is a revolutionary, drug-free, surgery-free treatment that addresses all aspects of Peyronie’s Disease.

Optimal Performance & Maintenance

Optimal Performance & Maintenance

Do you always want to perform at your best in the bedroom? Do you want to consistently satisfy your partner? If so, GAINSWave is for you. Experience stronger erections, enhanced sensitivity, increased girth, and boost your confidence with this revolutionary treatment.

When was your last raise?

GAINSWave is a scientifically proven, non-invasive technique that uses low frequency pulse waves to optimize erections, sensitivity, and sexual performance.

Regain Your Confidence

Media Appearances

“The results are staggering!”

Ronald Stevens

“I got at least a half inch additional length and the girth was much more too…”


“It was life changing… I absolutely recommend it!”

Allen Gasper

You deserve better sex!

  • Drug Free
  • Surgery Free
  • Completely Non-Invasive
  • In-Office Procedure
  • No Down-time
  • Long Lasting Results

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No harmful side-effects. Long lasting results.

Call the HealthWave Physicians Institute today for pricing, recommended treatment plans, and more information about our revolutionary treatment.

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