GAINSWave™ is an ED treatment without drugs currently available in Arlington, TX. Wondering how to cure ED? Use GAINSWave™ therapy for a drug-free, non-surgical solution for Erectile Dysfunction.  

GAINSWave™ is a revolutionary ED Treatment for Men

How to Cure ED with GAINSWave™

If you’ve tried Viagra and a variety of other male enhancement medications without success, or maybe you just prefer to use a scientifically proven, non-surgical alternative to Erectile Dysfunction drugs, the GAINSWave™ treatment is for you. GAINSWave™ is one of the few ED cures that work!

GAINSWave™ is the best ED treatment without drugs, with proven results across multiple clinical studies. GAINSWave™ shockwave therapy treatments are more efficient and safer when compared to oral Erectile Dysfunction medications.

ED Causes and Cures for Erectile Dysfunction Caused by the Aging Process

Having good erectile function requires good blood flow to the penis. As men become older, the blood vessels in the penis start to develop micro plaque, and the vessels become smaller which decreases the blood flow. More than half of all men will experience some form of ED during their lifetime. The constricted, clogged blood vessels in the penis are unable to deliver the necessary blood flow to the penis for strong, long-lasting erections. It’s very similar to how plaque can build up in the coronary arteries to cause heart disease.

GAINSWave™ is a revolutionary ED Treatment for Men

How the GAINSWave™ works

GAINSWave™ is shockwave therapy that “wakes” stem cells in your penis! The GAINSWave™ treatment opens the blood vessels in the penis using high frequency, low intensity acoustical pulsed waves. This therapy promotes increased blood flow. The improvement in blood flow volume results in stronger, harder, and more sustainable erections.

The pulsating waves can improve growth factors within the penis that trigger the development of new blood vessels and rejuvenation of existing erectile tissue.  

GAINSWave™ is a revolutionary ED Treatment for Men

GAINSWave™ Results

  • Erectile Dysfunction Results: 80% of men with ED stopped taking oral Erectile Dysfunction drugs and saw a reversal of their situation with GAINSWave™ treatment.
  • Better Success in the Bedroom: 86% of all men report improved sexual experiences, confidence in the bedroom, and positive results to the GAINSWave™ treatment.

Compared to other Erectile Dysfunction treatments and oral ED medications, GAINSWave™ therapy is the best ED treatment because it offers:

  • Non-surgical Erectile Dysfunction treatment
  • Drug-free treatment
  • Little to no side effects
  • Non-invasive ED treatment option
  • Treatments are fast, 20 to 30 minutes in the office
  • Results are long-lasting (2-3 years)
  • Little to no downtime after treatment
  • ED treatment that addresses the cause


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