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DIABETES and HEALTHWave Physicians Institute

HEALTHWave can ease the symptoms related to Diabetic Neuropathy through ESWT (extracorporeal shock wave therapy). If you or a loved one is suffering from Diabetic Neuropathy, contact HEALTHWave Physicians Institute to learn more about this incredible treatment.

DMWave treatment at HEALTHWave

What is Diabetic Neuropathy?

Diabetic neuropathy is a type of nerve damage that can occur if you have diabetes. High blood sugar (glucose) can cause nerve damage in the body. Symptoms of diabetic neuropathy can cause pain and numbness in your legs and feet. Some people have mild symptoms, but for others, diabetic neuropathy can be very painful and disabling.

Diabetic neuropathy is a common and serious complication of diabetes. Preventing or slowing diabetic neuropathy is possible by controlling blood sugar and a healthy lifestyle.

You can have more than one type of neuropathy. Your symptoms will depend on the type you have, and which nerves are affected. Usually, symptoms develop gradually. Unfortunately, you may not experience symptoms until considerable nerve damage has occurred.

Peripheral neuropathy is the most common type of diabetic neuropathy. It affects the feet and legs first, followed by the hands and arms. Signs and symptoms of peripheral neuropathy are often worse at night, and may include:

  • Numbness or reduced ability to feel pain or temperature changes
  • Tingling or burning sensation
  • Sharp pains or cramps
  • Increased sensitivity to touch — for some people, even the weight of a bedsheet can be painful
  • Muscle weakness
  • Loss of reflexes, especially in the ankle
  • Loss of balance and coordination
  • Serious foot problems, such as ulcers, infections, and bone and joint pain

How does it help?

EXTRACORPOREAL SHOCKWAVE THERAPY treats diabetic neuropathy in three ways.  These include vascular in-growth (growth of existing blood vessels), neovascularization/angiogenesis (the growth of new blood vessels) and cell proliferation (an increased number of cells). These responses stimulate the body’s natural healing response and provides an alternative non-invasive option to standard treatment.

In studies, scientists found that oxidative stress, inflammation, apoptosis (cell death), and DNA-damage markers were significantly reversed by ESWT.  Researchers concluded that low-intensity shockwaves are a suitable non-invasive and medication free intervention for the treatment of peripheral neuropathic pain associated with diabetes mellitus.

The purpose of one review was to investigate the effectiveness of shockwave therapy for the treatment of lower limb ulcerations/open wounds. The majority of wounds assessed were associated with diabetes. Studies revealed that 53% of the ESWT group had complete wound closure compared with 33% of the control group.

Adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder, also known as “frozen shoulder,” is the most common musculoskeletal disorder of the upper extremities among people with diabetes.  In one study all patients received weekly ESWT treatments. Over the study period, all functional outcomes improved dramatically, suggesting that shockwave therapy is a valid alternative treatment to medication, including steroids, for “frozen shoulder” in patients with diabetes.

One study involving rats monitored the effects of ESWT on nerves.  The study found that ESWT improves nerve regeneration.  Though the experiment was on rats, it is promising that similar results would be seen in a patient suffering from diabetic neuropathy.


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HEALTHWave Physicians Institute currently offers Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) to treat Diabetic Neuropathy in men and women. The DMWave / Shock Wave Therapy can provide an alternative, non-invasive option to standard treatment.

Call today to learn more about how HEALTHWave’s DMWave Treatment can stimulate the body’s natural healing response by helping the body revitalize existing blood vessels and stimulating new blood vessel growth.

DMWave Treatment for Diabetic Neuropathy


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