The Health Benefits of Ejaculation

There are many reasons why a healthy sex life is beneficial to your health, longevity, and overall happiness. Sex is a form of exercise that gets your heart rate going in all the right ways. Orgasms and ejaculation release oxytocin, emotionally connecting you with your partner and providing boosted levels of happiness and contentment. Ejaculating can boost your mood, your immune system, and even add years to your life. Here’s how.

Ejaculating Helps Your Heart

Sex is a vital part of life. In a Massachusetts Male Aging Study, the cardiovascular and sexual activity of 952 men were studied for a 17 year period. The study found that sex and ejaculation are incredibly important to man’s vitality: the men who had sex 2 to 4 times a week had a 45% lower risk of cardiovascular disease than the men who had sex once a month. That’s a statistic that will get your heart racing.

Ejaculating is a Form of Cancer Prevention

Not only does ejaculating have heart benefits, but it has also been proven to significantly lower your chance of prostate cancer. The American Cancer Society estimates that 1 in 9 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer, which is an estimated 175,000 new cases per year in the United States.

Studies have shown that men who ejaculate 21 times or more a month (with a partner or solo) have a 31% LOWER RISK of prostate cancer. That’s a benefit you cannot ignore.

Ejaculating can Add Years to Your Life

A study published by The British Medical Journal that compared the sexual activity and longevity of Welsh villagers found that having sex regularly reduced the risk of death by almost 50%. While that obviously doesn’t mean that frequent ejaculation leads to immortality, it can add as much as 4 years to a man’s lifespan. (And, what a way to live.)

The benefits of ejaculation are extensive. In order to have frequent ejaculations, healthy erections are necessary. Erectile dysfunction affects not only your relationship but your chance of optimal health, and that is why prevention and treatment of erectile dysfunction is so important.

The leading cause of erectile dysfunction in men is poor blood flow to the penis. This is caused by atherosclerosis, which is a hardening of the arteries that leads to a buildup of micro plaque, preventing necessary blood flow for strong erections.

Many men who are experiencing atherosclerosis turn to ED pills such as Viagra, Levitra, or Cialis which can temporarily help the issue, but lose their efficacy after 4 hours or less. Relying on ED pills prevents spontaneity in your sexual relationships and is only a temporary fix. These medications can also have rare and potentially deadly side effects if taken with nitrates and can cause sudden vision or hearing loss.

Say Hello to Happiness With HEALTHWave Physicians Institute

The GAINSWave® for erectile dysfunction is the only treatment that treats ED at its source – poor blood flow. Using low-frequency acoustic waves, the GAINSWave® painlessly opens up and revitalizes damaged blood vessels and stimulates new blood vessel growth. This clinically proven treatment also breaks through the buildup of micro plaque that causes atherosclerosis and ED. Providing long-lasting results, the GAINSWave® for ED is non-invasive, has no downtime, and is drug and surgery-free. 

For more information about the GAINSWave® and how HEALTHWave Physicians Institute can help, contact us to schedule your first appointment today.