Oct 22, 2018


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How ED Affects Relationships

Regardless of how old you are, what your background is, or if it has occurred in the past, erectile dysfunction can strike at any age. This men’s issue can be a complex problem that causes more damage than the initial lack of function, especially when it comes to relationships.

Whether you have been happily married for 30 plus years or are exploring the territory of a new relationship, erectile dysfunction can have some negative impacts unless the right measures are taken.


Like other areas in a relationship, when problems arise in the bedroom they can create a sort of gap between partners. Neither may know how to approach the situation with the other, and general communication can easily become lost.

Simply ceasing communication about this topic can be more devastating than the problem itself. The first step to overcoming ED as a couple is to address that there is a problem and what steps can be taken to help ease the tension that has taken root in your bed.


Erectile dysfunction is something that naturally occurs and isn’t anyone’s fault. Tying that in with the lack of communication comes what we like to call the “blame game.”

Erectile dysfunction can bring on self-doubt in both partners, wrongfully fueling insecurities such as negative body image, lack of sex appeal, the possibility of infidelity and more that can start to break apart a relationship.

All of these reactions are unnecessary blaming for an issue that can be treated by professionals like the team at HealthWave Physicians Institute.


Losing the ability to achieve or sustain an erection can create deep-rooted and frustrating feelings that can have a huge negative impact on a relationship. For most men, being able to perform normally in the bedroom is a sign of inherent manhood. Once this is lost, they may begin to withdraw from their partner. The feelings of losing one’s masculinity can be a danger to a couple’s intimacy, physically and emotionally, if communication and understanding aren’t present.


When ED strikes, it’s only natural for one or both parties to be turned off of the idea of intercourse. The disappointment and feelings of failure involved with erectile dysfunction are can be strong. Without seeking help from a professional, your sex life could become null and void.

HealthWave Helps You Overcome Your Erectile Dysfunction

If you have noticed significant changes in your relationship due to erectile dysfunction, don’t let this problem rule your love life. Turn to a solution you can trust through HealthWave Physicians Institute. Our team specializes in treating patients with erectile dysfunction and approaches the issue without drug or surgical treatment. Contact us today to find out more about our ED treatment methods.